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Originally Posted by jaykvilla View Post
the only lights on are 'EML' and the Warning Lamp for 'ASC' (the triangle with exclamation mark inside and the arrow circling)
Let me get my "Easy Button" I just fixed this exact problem on my 00 E46 323i. Your Throttle Body flap isn't opening you've got carbon build-up preventing your flap from opening letting air into your engine. The EML code on a Peake scanner is (77) MDK Motorized Throttle valve mechanically stuck. You will need to pull the throttle body clean it and reopen it. There are a ton of DIY for removing and cleaning throttle body's. It's a relatively simple DIY process involving removal of the MAF, lower intake hoses, IVC in order to get the throttle body. Remember to disconnect the negative battery terminal before starting this job or you will have to reset the MDK adaptation. Just my two and a half cents worth...
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