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Originally Posted by newe46fan View Post
welp, no help

I guess

"that BMW community is not up to the task yet."
What the hell are you talking about? Some Euro vs. US program ? WTF? So far I don't see you contributing at all.

With bimmerfest east comming up I could kindly ask people with tuned files to let me take a dump of their DME. and we would have tons of files to play with.
It won't be worth anything, you need the guy's stock file and the tuned file. So far I did not get none from any of the members so how can you expect me to do anything?

Tried dumping mine. "EEPROM" is grayed out, and the read memory function gives me junk data (lots 0s and Fs)

EEPROM feature does not work. To dump the EEPROM on MS43 ecu using PAsoft, use the "read memory" and start 00000 to 7FFFF or what ever option it gives you, the maps are located at the end of the memory, like 5FFFF-7FFFF
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