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Originally Posted by i_ween View Post
Yes: I know there are many versions of string theory, differing on how many dimensions, etc. They are narrowing it down to 9 or 11 at this point. Non?
I honestly don't keep up with it very much. I've read a few books but I don't dare look at a legitimate paper on anything more than GR; the math is way too complex for me right now, and even reading papers on relativity I'm lost a lot of the time.

Originally Posted by i_ween View Post
If we keep pushing our questions further and further into the unknown, is it not inevitable that we run into paradox?
I don't know if it's inevitable, I just think we'll have to start bolting on some hardware to our brains to really grasp what's going on. There's no doubt in my mind that infinities exist, just look at how ubiquitous fractals are in nature, but I don't think humans at their current level of evolution have the mental capacity to fully comprehend their inherent complexity. I'm like you, I can't wait to see what happens. I just hope we (read: sociopath politicians) don't kill ourselves off in the meantime.

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