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Exclamation The Official: Post a workout thread

its official because i dubbed it that.

post your workout, figured we could all help each other reach our goals.

todays workout. a dirty 30 (30:30) 30s on and 30s off. 6 exercises, 4 revolutions= 24 minute workout. its a high intensity workout, heavy lifting would kill you. moderate is just right. for the stuff with no weight, i tried to make it as complicated as possible. first couple sets i did plyo's and touched my hips, after i went to touching the back of my head. DB swing is the same as a kettlebell swing, but since i dont have a kb, it works. great for forearms too. used the same 115 DB for the goblet squats and swings. that stack of plates is for the close grip push ups. basically had to do them until failure.

great option for people that dont have the time to workout. i essentially do these 2-3 times a week, i will be posting another probably thursday

- hang cleans
- DB swing
- plyo pushups
- CG push ups
- split squat jumps
- goblet squats


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