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Originally Posted by steve.325i View Post
Interesting, although I don't think I can help with this issue either since I am not using a connect2, butI do have a few questions:

1. If you initate a call using your phone, does it also go into discrete mode as well or does it work properly?

2. What phone are you using?

3. Are you using the parrot or your phone for voice dialing?

4. If the phone, does the voice dialing work through the mic/speakers & then it switches to discrete?

5. Did you reset the ck3000 through the menu when you first installed it before pairing your phone? If not, I would do this & re-pair your phone.

If either #1 or #4 (or both) are yes, then it is a setting in your phone that needs to be changed to make the bluetooth handsfree the default when present.

1) Works just fine.
2) Droid X.
3) It uses the phone, but...
4) registered through the mic and speakers but switches to discreet.
5) Didn't reset it.

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