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Originally Posted by HakenTT View Post
What the hell are you talking about? Some Euro vs. US program ? WTF? So far I don't see you contributing at all.

Don't act like a douche just because you don't know what someone is talking about and throw a fit about it. Instead, ask politely.

I guess you are not aware of WINKFP and e46 DATEN files that contain ALL e46's software versions. If you knew you would know what I was talking about and be able to help;instead of putting your foot in your mouth like you just did.

And yes all we would need is a tuned file since we have a repository of all software versions available.

My question was if you have ever taken a look at the .0da and 0pa WINKFP/NFS BMW hex code to see if it is in fact the same as a dump.

Hell, I could find out myself. All I would have to do is read out my DME and compare it's hex output to the 0da and 0pa files...

tart 00000 to 7FFFF or what ever option it gives you, the maps are located at the end of the memory, like 5FFFF-7FFFF
Like? or AT 5FFFF-7FFFF?
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