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so instead of a 30:30, i made a density workout. 8-10 reps of each workout, 5 times through. it was incredible. but i couldnt get my pull up station so i did 1/2 turkish getups with 60lb db's instead.

- front squats- 225
- 1 leg RDL- 125 DB (5 each leg)
- jump squats (15 reps)
- dive bomber pushups (mixed in plyo) (13-20 reps)
- burpees (13-20 reps)
- 1/2 turkish get-up- 60lb DB (5 each arm)

been doing these types of workouts for the passed week and im actually at my all time high of 203 lb. ran a 4.52 40y and a 6.53 60y on saturday at a pirates workout. Fall is where i push my limits to prepare for season. very happy with where im at right now!!

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