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Originally Posted by BreakMyWallet View Post
bro shoulder muscles Vs quads, hammys, and calves.

different spectrum.

for sure Glight. i only say that because both of my AC's are kinda messed up right now, and every trainer ive talked to (that was worth listening to) said the same thing.

Dips done correctly, pushing only your body weight, will not damage your shoulders. If you don't have the shoulder development, or bad form, or an awkward dip bar then I will agree with you that you will cause more harm than good... otherwise, I think that claim is BS. If you already have fvcked up shoulders, then they probably aren't an exercise you should do. But for the rest of us with healthy shoulders... I don't see anything wrong with performing dips with proper form/RoM. I'm starting ring dips and holy sh1t do they feel amazing.

Even CrossFit programs incorporate dips.

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