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Originally Posted by HakenTT View Post
WINKPF seems to be what dealer uses to flash ecus, I've search and it seems that you need a very expensive GT1 interface with laptop for this to work, it defeats the purpose

You are not contributing anything, you are clueless and all you do is just trowing baseless ideas around
If you dug a little bit deeper, you would realize that several of us have been using WinKFP to flash our DMEs with cheap interfaces (fully functional interfaces can be had for as little as $10).

You would also find that the various Progman / Ista-P DVDs floating around contain several bootloader variants for the various DMEs as well as the different tunes for all the different types of E46s using the same DME (M54B22 vs B25 vs B30; Euro vs US; Catless vs Catted; etc...) - Surely having access to every stock tune available for the MS43 would prove to be useful

Let's look at the factory tunes available for the E46 330
SW#: 7571613
"HW#" (Bootloader Version): 7572342

Euro 3/4 (Catted):
SW #: 745670
"HW#" (Bootloader Version): 7545150

Euro 2 (Catless):
SW #: 745671
"HW#"(Bootloader Version): 7545150

Click on the hyperlinks to download the data files associated with said software/bootloader versions. It'll probably be easier to compare the two different Euro ones since they both have the same "base" software (the "bootloader" as BMW calls it) and just a few parameters are different (but should all be at the samea locations and whatnot). The US software uses different "bootloader" *and* software, but the US hardware can be flashed with the Euro stuff since the actual hardware is the same.

Fwiw: All the files have some comments in the beginning, the some actual binary data in the middle, and a checksum at the end.

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