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yesterdays workout. ill try to explain best i can.

1. superset

Reverse lunge twist with sandbag 80lb, into a hang clean- 3x10
KB swings 72lb- 3x20

2. Turkish get ups- 1x10 (5 each arm)
3. Scandanavian get ups- 1x 10 (5 each arm)

4- core circuit (NEVER went down to the ground the whole circuit)
- bridge for 20 seconds.
- lift right arm 10 secs, lift left arm 10 secs, right leg 10 secs, left leg 10 secs
- right leg+left arm 10 secs, left leg right arm 10 secs
- right side plank
- reach left arm under, 4 times
- back to bridge, 10 secs
- Left side plank
- reach right arm under 4 times
- Back to bridge- went up and down to push up position,switching arms, 6 times
- back to original bridge, walked feet back for held for 12-15 seconds.

nedless to say, my abs, lower back, legs, traps, forearms, calves, and shoulders are extremely sore today.

the first superset with the sand bag/kb absolutely killed my forearms. i literally could not open my water bottle after that alone. they were so swollen that i couldnt make a fist for about 3-4 minutes. haah

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