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Regarding load times from flash drives & iPods.

I'm a IT gut so I'm just curious as to some of the possible contributors to this issue.
I'm wondering weather or not the usb cable that a lot of people are using which is mountable to the car(the one with the boot) is causing the problem.
It could possibly be a USB1 issues.
Does anyone know weather these units are USB 1 or 2?
The reason I ask is because have you ever tried playing a movie on a computer from a flash drive that was only USB1 or the a USB2 flash drive but the computer only supports USB1?
It is the same type of issue. Slow loading times & in most cases a freeze up or bog down of some sort.
The cables people are using as well can lead to this sort of a problem as well as the length of the cable.

Not saying it is or isn't this just thought I would throw it out there.

Thats my $0.02 question/idea and we all know $0.02 isn't worth much.
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