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Originally Posted by fixjets View Post
I have another titbit of info for our Dynavins I thought woulld be good to share.
I had a new key made for my car today. I took it to the dealer so they could hook it up to their machine so I can activate some features (auto door lock, express windows, etc.) and it turns out the computer woulld not allow them to do any changes with the Dynavin installed. I took it out and put the Business CD unit back in so they coulld make the changes. Not a big deal since I can swap it out in minutes. It appears that the factory radio is part of the onboard computer system, and it affects all of this, including coding for the factory anti theft system. So if the coding is done, the Dynavin can be reinstalled and all will be good. So when you take your factory radio out, hang onto it in case you need to have this service done.
interesting, people have been speculating about this for 2 years and you are the first one Ive seen to confirm it! I suppose its because there isnt a lot of coding being done the the E46s anymore.....

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