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Originally Posted by SaturnX View Post
Hey guys - I'll be tackling this replacement this weekend and have a question about the "running your wipers and shutting off in the full up position"

After I kill the ignition when the wipers are fully up and remove the old linkage/motor; Will there be any issue when I reinstall the new linkage/motor and plug in the new motor that's in the fully down position?

The new linkage is sitting in the home (or fully down) position, I just want to be sure the computer and/or motor won't be confused in some way since the car was shut off with the old linkage/motor fully up, while the new linkage/motor fully down.

Thanks for the help!!
You should be fine if you are using a new motor/linkage combo. It should automatically return to the home position on a new motor. When you install the new motor make sure you test it before you put the wiper arms back on. Turn the wipers on and watch the bolt go through it's motions then shut wipers off to make sure it returns to home position. Then install wiper arms.

Edited to say, if you separated the new motor/linkage from each other then you might have more problems to deal with. If you did I can try and help guide you through it. I took more pics and even a short video while trying to figure this all out and put it back together.

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