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Originally Posted by HakenTT View Post
How do you know this information?

So euro2 deletes post 02 sensors but secondary pump is on? And euro3 deletes secondary air pump but keeps the post cat 02 sensors on?

But I heard that this will make the OBD2 monitoring go into "system not ready" at Arizona state emissions testing?

I would be interested in something like removing cats and air pump and still pass emissions testing.
Euro 3 = no SAP (for the M54 motors anyway. S54 still has SAP even w/ the Euro 3 tune)
Euro 2 = No cat monitors, no SAP, and probably no other emissions stuff. Basically the equivalent of our "OBDI"

Unlike aftermarket tunes, the Euro 3 and Euro2 tunes don't set the monitors to "not ready"; they set them to "not applicable" (much like the EGR monitor on stock E46s; it'll look like those components weren't fitted from the factory). Most states books say that a monitor that says "not applicable" doesn't cause failure, BUT the catalytic converters showing as n/a might raise a few red flags.

One issue with the Euro 2 tune for US purposes is that it disables the Key-on-Engine-off CEL, which is required in most (if not all) states to pass inspections. I would imagine someone who knows what they're doing can reenable that light though.

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