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Originally Posted by RSteckhahn View Post
I have a "service engine soon" light on in my car. I used my Peake code reader and came up with the following codes.

27C3 - Thermal Oil Level Sensor
2882 - mixture preparation bank 1
2883 - mixture preparation bank 2
2DC6 - fuel tank level, plausibility

All of this means nothing to me, which means I will be bringing the car to the shop unless someone on this forum can guide my in the right direction so that I may try a DIY fix.

Thanks in advance for any help!
Uh, again! Bet you're saying the same thing!

Could be only one thing that's causing the ses light, and the others were stored from another time.

The oil level sensor, if bad, will trigger the yellow oil light to come on 10 secs. after starting and then go off 15 secs. after that. It's not a big issue if it's failed.

A bad mix, fuel/air, could be either on the fuel side (fuel filter is first...could be really bad injectors (techron ftw), fuel pressure issue (fuel filter might fix that),or fuel pump (forget that for now).

On air side, it could be bad maf (low odds), really clogged air filter, leak in the intake/vac lines. Lower intake boot seems to crack all the time...but look.

...and it looks like your fuel level sender is stuck. Does your fuel gauge seem to get to around 1/4 tank and stay there? Careful, don't trust it. Calculate your distance to fill from your mpg and mph on that tank. If you fill at 250 miles, or so, you should be safe...though might be able to go much further, say on the highway. 16.6 gal tank...mpgs might be as good as mine...34.5 mpg...but probably not as I have a special car, I've been told!
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