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Originally Posted by RSteckhahn View Post
k... I have an AFE air intake, that is clean. The tube leading back to the motor is now plastic and def. not cracked. I will clean the MAF.

I have no idea how to check my injectors.

I always use the odometer to calculate my gas mileage. 34.5 mpg is crazy... I average around 26 with my combined driving.
Just add techron to the gas tank at your next fill...easy. Maybe a second application in the tank after...$20 and actually might get you somewhere.

My mileage is at 71 mph on the highway...combined, I don't know...it varies...22 mpg is my lowest mpg when I'm averaging about 25 mph...if 30 mph, then maybe 25 mpg.

You have a hard plastic tube intake all the way to the throttle body? If so, if that's a new addition to your car, I'd suspect the seal there. It's hard enough for many to get a seal with our rubber ones. Or, if newish, and you still have the rubber boot on TB, then maybe when installing, that boot was damaged?

You could spray carb cleaner around and see if it affects idle where you spray it. If so, there's your leak.

You can have intake smoked by a shop too and then make the repair yourself.

But, if so doing, I'd recommend reading up on all the stuff you could do while getting to the TB.

Anyway, still think you should disconnect the battery if you disconnected maf...though, that also makes me think that if this code popped up after doing the new intake, that the car just doesn't understand why it's getting a different amount of air all of a sudden and hasn't adapted to it yet...again, a battery disconnect would help speed adaptation along.
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