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Originally Posted by luc View Post
the 959 at s700 was one of my favorite cars to drive.. dont know anything about RUF but hopefully theyre ok. they should have singer porsches on there..

they also better have ascari, noble, and ariel cars or imma be pissed.

what are you guys doing to prepare for the profile import? i sold all my porsches obviously.. and i think im goin to trim my car collection down to 2 or 3 manufacturers mostly and just keep all the rest of the bank.

and i just bought the f40 competizione and it sounds better than any car in forza 3 ive heard so far. the joss jt1 sounds really good too suprisingly

Have you driven the SSC Aero in Forza 3? Traction control couldn't even keep up!

IF they include the Ariel Atom, I hope they allow us to do some crazy motor swap and add forced induction to it. I mean... an 800 HP Atom is just...

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Thread sucks so bad they moved it to the Feedback Forum.

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