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Originally Posted by xMpower3dx View Post
So has the android side been rooted yet? Are you able to use custom roms on it like android phones?
It has not been confirmed yet officiall. "Rob" who was supposed to manage that did mention once that he managed to put a different rom on it, but he sold his car (few pages back confirmed) and stopped 'his' project.

btw. I've a few questions myself, maybe answered already somewhere can't find it.

1. those of you who use the Ipod feature, is there a next button on the remote? I can't seem to find it. All I found was a fastforward button at the bottom of the remote. The rest doesn't work.

2. Another frustration is that sound distortion kicks in already around 14 - 20 (song dep.) in the volume scale. My speakers are 200 W and 100 RMS, but still they can't handle? I thought the unit output was 45 rms per channel? I use the stock wireharness and no amp for the speakers. Am I missing something?
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