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Found this thread by accident searching for something else. not going to read all 90+ pages, but if y'all want to get this unit rooted, and have somebody fix almost anything, the way to do that is via the xda developers forum. I've started a post there in the Android development section as a search found nothing for Dynavin. They love new stuff, build some of the ROMs, and fix all sorts of things, like the GPS zulu clock time a few posts up. <--- This one sounds like an EASY fix to those guys. I don't spend a lot of time on there, a lot of it is too deep if you're not a coder. But hopefully I've gotten the ball started there. These guys are heavy hitters. Please, do NOT go there and do a lot of posts. It is a relatively disciplined place. You can go to Androidcentral or Android forums and such for gobs of general info about Android.

I'm looking forward to doing this, hope the steering wheel buttons can be integrated if they're not already.

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