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Originally Posted by Dictato View Post
It has not been confirmed yet officiall. "Rob" who was supposed to manage that did mention once that he managed to put a different rom on it, but he sold his car (few pages back confirmed) and stopped 'his' project.

btw. I've a few questions myself, maybe answered already somewhere can't find it.

1. those of you who use the Ipod feature, is there a next button on the remote? I can't seem to find it. All I found was a fastforward button at the bottom of the remote. The rest doesn't work.

2. Another frustration is that sound distortion kicks in already around 14 - 20 (song dep.) in the volume scale. My speakers are 200 W and 100 RMS, but still they can't handle? I thought the unit output was 45 rms per channel? I use the stock wireharness and no amp for the speakers. Am I missing something?
I don't know about the remote issue, but you need and 4x100rms amp for those speakers.
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