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Degraded Intake Boot - Cold start problems fixed!

After reading various post on how dirty the ICV could get, I decided to take a look at mine. While furiously working on removing the horribly positioned hose clamps on the throttle body intake boot, I noticed that the line that runs to to the ICV off of the main air intake was just hanging in there by a thread! This was really surprising to me partly because I expected the idle control valve to be responsible for the shoddy idling and also the car has just under 63,000 miles on it; A little low for the intake boot to be falling apart don't you think?

There was also a nice little tear right where the hose mated with the ICV which made removing the hose without tearing it in two a bit more difficult.

I started to figure out a way to patch this... After cleaning the boot down with heavy amounts of starting fluid ,I found some clear plastic hose laying around that is just the right diameter so that it is snug in side the line and also fits inside of the ICV as well... Score! There was also some braided hose laying around that might be a bit more crimp resistant and better for this application but sadly it was just a bit too small. I then cut the hose at an angle so that it was flush with the main intake part of the boot that leads to the throttle body.

And as a finishing touch... duct tape!

Needless to say this was an improvement. The car now starts right up when cold with out any low rpm dips and stalls that use to happen almost every time. The ICV turned out to be in excellent condition and rattled freely when shaken (I still gave it a nice brake cleaner bath). When it's all said and done; well worth the time and effort vs. driving around with a bad intake boot until a new one comes. If you're having bad idling problems you should defiantly take a look at your ICV and give it a good cleaning and who knows what you might find while you're in there!

By the way - I'm new here. Well sorta. Long time lurker, first time poster! I thought what better way to say "Hi" than to make a nice little write-up. Even if it was just about patching an intake boot!
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