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"Now I need to find something to do with a linkage and motor that parks 10 degrees up."

This is what mine did and it can be fixed! I saved about $400 by tweaking a few things. It's hard for me to explain what I did, I didnt take step by step pics so it won't be a perfect DIY, but I'll try. My wipers work absolutely perfect now. No need to buy a new motor just because they park 10*, 20* 45* etc degrees up!

Before I write this out I will also say I'm not responsible if you mess up your car. This is just what I did to my car and it worked. If you do this, it is at your own risk, I will not be held responsible for damage to your car.

Watch this video (Hopefully it'll load up on here) and pay attention to the direction the motor runs when you have your wipers on. Make note of it use a marker and write it on the linkage with an arrow if you have to. It's helpful to note the position that the linkage parks in before you take the motor and linkage out of your car. It will help you remember the way everything rotates when you get towards the end of the fix. Take lots of pictures HaHa it helped me out a ton.

Below you'll see where my motor decided to park. After you take the linkage and motor out you have to remove the nut that I pointed to in this picture below to free the linkage from the spline.

I have a feeling that the pic below shows what's really going on when the linkage goes out of whack. My wipers started parking across the windshield after trying to remove heavy snow with the wipers one day. The spline in the picture below was definitely slipping, and stripping a bit. There were small bits of metal shavings around it, as well as in the female part of where the spline is bolted to. I cleaned the grease and shavings off with some simple green on both the male and female part of the spline/linkage.

Here's a better shot of the spline and motor from further out. This "spline" thing is what spins when the motor is running and is what turns the linkage.

This thing attaches here HaHa You can see where the linkage bolts up to the spline. The motor for the windshield wipers seems pretty damn strong, so when trying to work under heavy snow/ice, I can see how it would just keep turning causing the spline to slip, and strip.

OK now this is the tricky part.... I don't remember if when looking at this part of the motor if it spins clockwise or counter clockwise. That's why it is important for you to note where your linkage stops when parked and what direction you linkage spins when your wiper motor is running.

Basically two little metal prongs circled in red in the picture below swipe across the disk in a circle. Once they hit the metal part of the disk the wipers park there. You need to line up the brushes to stay within the metal disk to get the motor to be in "park" by spinning the motor by hand. Since the linkage is already detached it should be easier to spin the motor. I circled in blue where you can spin the shaft to make the motor move.

Now that I think about it and see all the pictures I'm pretty damn sure that when looking at the motor the white disk turns clockwise so you should line up the metal prongs with the red dots I marked on the metal disk.

(If for some reason I'm wrong and it spins Counter-clockwise line up the metal prongs with the purple dots.)

Once you've done this do not allow the motor to spin or move or else you'll mess up where the prongs line up. The prongs must be in the proper start position or else you'll end up with your wipers parking in the wrong spot.

Now that everything is lined up and you've got the casing back together and snapped tight its time to reattach the linkage.

Put the linkage back together but dont tighten the nut down that holds the linkage/spline together. Line up the linkage WITHOUT MOVING THE MOTOR like in the picture from

Once you've got it looking exactly like this without moving the motor now you need to secure the linkage so it doesnt move when you tighten the linkage/spline nut. I just used some strong clamps I had laying around.

Now tighten the nut down to secure the spline of the motor and the linkage together. I dont know what the torque specs are supposed to be so I just got it on there pretty damn snug (basically tightened the **** out of it).

If for some reason you feel like you moved the motor when tightening just unsnap the case and peek inside to make sure the prongs are still touching the metal disk in the park position.

Now reinstall the whole rig back in your car and test to see everything is working!

Hopefully this helps someone save some $$$$$$$$

Sorry for the rambling notes, its hard to describe, but once you get in there it should all make sense.

Good luck!!!

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