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Originally Posted by RSteckhahn View Post
sooo... dmax - they found the intake hose between the MAF and the throttle body to be a little lose, but also found the vacuum tap cap on the manifold (underneath the cabin filter) was cracked and breaking. I also had them give the car a once over since it has been a while since a professional has looked at the car and they found that my brake booster hose was partially collapsed. As for the suspension - they think that the struts could be on the wrong side of the car??? I am going to look more into that now.

The brake booster hose is easy to change, I did it. Get the part from online or the dealer and buy two hose clamps at an auto parts store. Pry off the hold hose clamps, take the hose out (I found it easier to cut the hose off where it goes to the manifold to give more access to the clamp) and then just slip the new hose clamps over the hose and install.

For the intake boots but them as well and replace them yourself. If you don't know how to do that then use my vid:

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