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Originally Posted by RSteckhahn View Post
sooo... dmax - they found the intake hose between the MAF and the throttle body to be a little lose, but also found the vacuum tap cap on the manifold (underneath the cabin filter) was cracked and breaking. I also had them give the car a once over since it has been a while since a professional has looked at the car and they found that my brake booster hose was partially collapsed. As for the suspension - they think that the struts could be on the wrong side of the car??? I am going to look more into that now.
Oh man! Mostly good news!

I just read a post yesterday about how one 'could' put struts on the wrong side...although they do have an "L" and an "R" on them! If you have any relationship with whomever did them the first time...might be worth a shot to ask them to make them right.

I'm not sure where the L and R are, but you might be able to see it. But, evidently, if the struts are on the wrong side, then the sway bar endlinks would be pushing or pulling the wrong way...thus your suspension issue might be a simple fix...and you don't have to hunt around much more for that.

I hope I guessed intake leak, but I'll scan up later to see how close I came!

Smooth sailing from here, I hope!
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