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Originally Posted by Glight View Post
A lot of people will start doing BrandX crossfit which has all the workouts scaled down a bit for when people first start out. Once you can do everything on there as prescribed you can jump onto the standard WODs.

I'd be happy to try to write some programming for you if you let me know your goals and what equipment you have and what days you plan on working out.
Thanks man I really appreciate it. I'm going to do the starting strength for a few months starting in the middle of this month then I think I want to do crossfit style workouts. They just seem fun.

Right now I have

workout bench with squat rack
regular workout bench (which I may sell for cheap unless a good amount of friends want to come workout too)
roman chair where I can do dips
pull up station where I can do dips also
600lbs of steel weights
2 45lb bars
ez curl bar
5-50lb powerblock dumbbells

I think that's it for now. My goal is to get stronger and gain muscle all while being more conditioned. To me Crossfit with a high cal diet might be my best bet. This p90x and insanity sh1t cut down my fat but I think since I've been almost weight free for a while I'm losing muscle. I guess it's my own fault for not lifting while doing insanity. One thing, I do notice about insanity is that the jumping around and squatting movements kill me a lot more than the upper body stuff. I seem to build up lactic acid pretty quickly and can't seem to get over the pain. I can physically do the moves but the pain doesn't go away from week to week.

Originally Posted by fugarza View Post
CF Football is geared for guys who emphasize strength, size, explosive power, and speed for short durations. Pretty much what a athlete would need if they are on the football field.
makes sense. Thanks for your help dude
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