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Originally Posted by DylloS View Post
Thanks man I really appreciate it. I'm going to do the starting strength for a few months starting in the middle of this month then I think I want to do crossfit style workouts. They just seem fun.

Right now I have

workout bench with squat rack
regular workout bench (which I may sell for cheap unless a good amount of friends want to come workout too)
roman chair where I can do dips
pull up station where I can do dips also
600lbs of steel weights
2 45lb bars
ez curl bar
5-50lb powerblock dumbbells

I think that's it for now. My goal is to get stronger and gain muscle all while being more conditioned. To me Crossfit with a high cal diet might be my best bet. This p90x and insanity sh1t cut down my fat but I think since I've been almost weight free for a while I'm losing muscle. I guess it's my own fault for not lifting while doing insanity. One thing, I do notice about insanity is that the jumping around and squatting movements kill me a lot more than the upper body stuff. I seem to build up lactic acid pretty quickly and can't seem to get over the pain. I can physically do the moves but the pain doesn't go away from week to week.

makes sense. Thanks for your help dude
Cool. After SS is over and I know your maxes I will come up with something definite. How many days a week / what days of the week do you want to train and for how many hours each day?
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