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Originally Posted by liquiddawn View Post
That's true. But seriously(this is just my opinion) Why would you want to pay what they are asking for them? Last time I saw them they were about $400. In all honesty, I would rather pay $150 have these last a few years and if I need to replace them, I'll just buy another pair again for $150 and I'm still better off then buying the OEM's. Again, just my opinion. I know some people are always saying, "nothing but OEM"
I buy OEM because I don't want to deal with crappy, aftermarket Chinese made products. I get really tired of all the people here complaining about their fogged up, poor fitting, melt your bulbs lights. Uh, you get what you pay for. A quick search will reveal countless issues w/ these products. I've been running OEM lights for 9 years (2 different sets on 2 different cars) and never had an issue. A big part of it for me is piece of mind - I don't want to deal with replacing these things....ever.
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