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Originally Posted by Bemwe_03i View Post
I haven't had the bulb out warning on mine except when they are burnt,, but i do have the ground wire melting it self, still havent done the diy (have the wire ready) just waiting for that sh*t to totally melt (i know, why?). How do they notify the owners if im the 3rd owner, or does it go through the registry?. Im calling them, if i get in they'll see my cheap clear smoked aftermarket tails.Wondering if i should put on my factory ones when i take it in. Def. a recall on the zkw needs to be done as they are crap, the light output is sh/t.
Returning to stock is probably a good idea, but I suspect, as someone said, if the wiring is messed with, they might say, rightly so, "it's not our issue."

Also, I'm reporting my broken driver seat heating grid to nhtsa. If I'm shaking while driving when it's cold, I could veer out of my lane and hit a dog.
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