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Originally Posted by logan01 View Post
Replacing the intake hose in my 325i and I'm having trouble putting the elbow in. Does anyone know how can you tell that the hose is in place to start tightening the clamps? Or any tricks in keeping the hose in place so that when I start tightening the clamps the hose doesn't keep falling off. It's a tight space and it's the only part I'm having trouble with and obviously about to burn the car down...and I love my car...a lot. Once I get that in; everything else is cake.

Update: Replaced the elbow boot that connects to the throttle body (it was cracked) but now it's idling rough and is making a loud tick, tick, tick sound. Misfire? What can cause this? Loose MAF?
Did my CCV over hual recently and I have the same problem. Because you removed your DISA and the IDE control. You need to replace with all your 'Rubber grommet' you can not reuse them.
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