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Originally Posted by liquiddawn View Post
Again, it was just my opinion. Also, some of us don't have those options when it comes to lighting. For my car(pre facelift sedan) they don't have any OEM tail light upgrades that I can purchase. Yes, I can purchase the R/C/R but then I would have to fiddle around with the factory wiring since those are 7pin and mine is 6. So I'm in the same place. Yes I can get OEM clear corners and side markers, but those aren't so serious and they are just plastic(not like the tail lights which do involve wiring in the light itself)
Originally Posted by jiggz View Post
I buy OEM because I don't want to deal with crappy, aftermarket Chinese made products. I get really tired of all the people here complaining about their fogged up, poor fitting, melt your bulbs lights. Uh, you get what you pay for. A quick search will reveal countless issues w/ these products. I've been running OEM lights for 9 years (2 different sets on 2 different cars) and never had an issue. A big part of it for me is piece of mind - I don't want to deal with replacing these things....ever.
yes i agree, the side markers and corners arent that bad, as long as i seal them properly, but the tail lights are different. il leave those alone for now..
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