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Mr. Bob Hood

Glad to be here and to participate n the E46 fanatic / antics. I had seen some of the Q.&A's and was pleasantly surprised at the concern of the "fanatics" as to resolving problems.

I'm in the Northern 'lower' Michigan area; Traverse City,MI and am still driving my first BMW; a 1995 325iS with 216,000 miles. Body is great (always touch it up in the early spring and NEVER let those mini-bumps go anywhere. The engine and drive train are excellent and I follow a religious maintenance schedule.

Just finished a carnuba wax (Meguires) job and an interior detail.
BTW: Anyone know where I can get a front seat (back portion, black leather)? Everything else is fine except the left arm-back side which is worn.
I'll take the whole seat providing the price is....well.....y'know.

Anxious to see and hear from other 'fanatics' regarding parts, upgrades, where-to-buy items for the Bimmer.

Thanks to Tim Jones for getting me started.
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