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Originally Posted by 330ciandr6 View Post
You sir, are retarded. All recalls and similar work do pay the techs. Why do you think car companies lose money when they recalls? Because they have to pay the techs for the fix and pay for any parts needed. Might want to check your info before you post crap like that.
The world is full of ex-mechanics (ask around), you'll ruin a perfectly good hobby if you are a service tech. Once you go to school and buy a bunch of tools, it's hard to quit. if you're supporting a family, it's near impossible. I don't know many techs who like their jobs. The FLAT RATE system pretty much means that you're either doing totally routine things, and making money, or doing something interesting and not. People don't like to pay for diagnostic work, and it can be time - consuming. I think the only way I'd do that again, is a fleet- service job (pays by the hour), I did it for seven years, but went back to peeling logs (by hand, with a knife) pays about as well, few tools to buy, nobody wanting the cheap fix, then demanding the deluxe guarentee. I found it absolutely relaxing, after mechanic work. A job is about making money- study something profitable, and in demand. The only reason it's possible to find an auto mechanic, is because many young guys want to try it.

Recall work depends on the dealer, they demand the deluxe guarentee but WONT pay you if the car is returned, because they pressured the greenhorn tech to finish the job in 30 minutes. I guess it may just depends on where you work, I never worked at BMW but I can assume its the same as everyone else...FLAT RATE pay.

I went to check to see if my BMW had already been serviced by the recall and it looks like they just cut the brown ground apart, attached a 2 prong clip and ran dual grounds, one to the original plug and one to the bulb grounds. Nothing different than thats already been explained DIY on here except there is a union clip joining the two wires rather than wraping them together. Regardless, both are great fixes and I would recommend either. (7yr experience Electrical Engineering tech and Automotive repair)

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