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Originally Posted by Dean | KHOALTY, Inc View Post
Not OEM, but DEPO:

We sell a lot of DEPO stuff and have for years, there are a few people who have issues but pretty much all of them are fixable. A very very slim amount of our corners have the condensation issue but I can't think of any time since I've been here it hasn't been fixable without swapping the corners for replacements.

OEM is always better than aftermarket, but in my opinion, and this is not because I work here, OEM cost is typically just not worth it. All of my BMW's have DEPO products on them, they all blink, they all fit, they don't fall out, and they don't get condensation, so really I don't think OEM is worth it.

My E39 I /did/ do a HELLA Celis tail retrofit, but that's because it was a great deal and there is nothing aftermarket that even comes close to them.
What a great response hats off to you mate, I will probably be purchasing the Helios AE you guys have along with a set of new lenses.
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