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Hello, just to wrap the thread up, I bought a new 10 Channel amplifier, this is located in the drivers side trunk, It is very easy to replace, Fuse 41 acts normally now and the resting current draw is below 40 mamps. fuse 41 drives many things and is meant to be hot (the lower feed side of the fuse is not switched with the ignition) at all times and Fuse 41 (or the devices attached to it) uses a small amount of current in sleep mode. when fuse 41 is removed, their is a capacitor in the amplifier and possibly the radio, i'd be interested to here what other e46er's get for voltage/time readings, so we can say what is normal. Fuse 41 can drive about 8 to 10 different devices so these readings may vary based on configuration. I really only have a CD53 and amplifier. i don't have NAV, On board monitor, sub woofer box, Video, GPS etc...

Anyway, in sleep mode, when I pull fuse 41, the bottom fuse 41 receptacle is always hot and has 12.5 volts (same as the battery voltage at the terminals in the trunk). the top has 10.5 volts after pulling the fuse and slowly drains down to less than 1 volt over time. Fuse 41 will spark when you plug it in, so mimnimize then number of times you unplug/plug the fuse, disconnect battery when possible.
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