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Got valve adjustment done on Monday. Paid a guy in the tristate area (xM P0W3Rx - Great guy; definitely knows what he's doing... he's a member here and he's also on M3 forum) to do it this time. Price was very fair; less than 1/3rd what the dealer would charge and about 1/2 of what an indy would charge. I've also read of cases where dealers didn't bother adjusting the valves even after taking the money (literally a stealership in those cases).

Anyway, only 2 valves were out of spec (which kinda surprised me) - everything else was pretty much right in the middle of the tolerance range, which is what it should be. Those 2 valves did make a differences though - I had a weird rattle at 2500-3000 RPM that's gone now. I thought it was my exhaust install, but I guess not.

Anyway, obligatory valvetrain pics

Just a close-up of a cam lobe.

My VANOS sprockets. If you notice, the exhaust side is a different color; that's because the exhaust side was replaced under the CPO warranty about 2 years ago. Afaik the exhaust side is the one that tends to cause catastrophic failures in M3s; since the parts were updated/fixed in 07, I should be good to go!

Oil was a bit darker than I would've liked (I've seen some M3s that are much lighter), but there doesn't appear to be any sludge. I'll probably just do oil changes a bit more frequently until my next inspection and see if it changes

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