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I have had similar issues to all the above (stalling, cutting out and running out of fuel with fuel still in the tank) with the exception of the rough idle which I haven't had. One added bonus is the liters used per 100km (Australian car) shown on the computer is currently showing 0.8 it should display something like 11.4. The problem is when I took it to my mechanic the only codes its throwing are EWS tamper codes. I had a couple of after market keys and my EWS reprogrammed a year ago so I am not surprised there are codes but I don't think this is the true issue as that was done over a year ago and the stalling and running out of petrol have been issues since day one well before I got the keys done.

So my question is: is there anyway you can test whether or not the fuel pump is working and the same for the sender as they are not exactly cheap? Also the filter was replaced in last years service should I replace it again.

Any help would be much appreciated.
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