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Exclamation *BEWARE* Possible Dynavin Scam. Read here before purchasing from non sponsors <<

Hey guys. I just wanted to give a heads up to the community regarding possible scams that could be occuring on here and other forums. I am in no way, shape, or form pointing fingers or accusing any members. Please do not jump to conclusions. I am only trying to help out my fellow forum members.

The Dynavin Android unit is a very hot item in the marketplace. Ive been reading on multiple forums that other members are claiming to be receiving these units in bulk brand new from Dynavin. Last time I checked there aren't any and there is no official release date as to when the next batch will go out. Please proceed wisely and purchase these units from known vendors and site sponsors. Example: do not purchase a unit from a member who's not a company claiming that they received a bulk shipment.

There are a few used units for sale. These units are pricey even when they're used. Due to supply and demand the price of a used unit has somewhat exceeded the price of a brand new Dynavin Android unit. Im not knocking anyone on here for doing that. I just don't want scammers to get ideas in their head that no one is aware of a possible Dynavin scam. This unit is in such high demand so expect scammers to come up with ideas and way to take your money. Always remember to use the I-Trader feedback function. This will allow you to search other transactions and ratings that this member has received. If its a newer member with very few posts then proceed with caution. Ask for pictures of the unit. Check the date and time on the picture of the head unit. If its a more recent date and time it COULD be their actual unit. Also do a forum and google search on the persons username. Google any information they give you such as telephone number, email address, etc. It is possible that they could have scammed other members on different forums with the same username. Make sure they're paypal verified. And last but not least DO NOT SEND MONEY AS A GIFT !! You lose all of your protection from Paypal when you send as a gift.

Message a moderator if you feel that something may be fishy. They're not psychics but they'll be able to help you determine if you should proceed with the sale or not.

If you'd rather wait for a brand new one you can try jeffb325@DynavinSolutions. I didn't write this thread to promote sales with Jeff but I'd recommend him because I had a positive experience with him. He is #1 when it comes to customer service and answering any questions you may have about the unit. Always check the Dynavin or Dynavin Android FAQ threads first. Chances are more than likely the answer to your question is already in there.
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