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Originally Posted by DME46 View Post
Basically what Glight said. This is the first time I've hit 275 for 5... usually floated between 2-3.

25 pounds doesn't seem like a lot but I could barely bench 275x1 3 weeks ago... I just started lifting after a pretty extensive break, slowly getting back up there.

I'm wondering if I should start with incline bench, then decline, then flat... I feel burnt out by the time I'm on decline... Might be nice to confuse the muscle a little bit and change it up. My bench has always been weird, I'll feel like a beast one week, and won't be able to do what I just did the following.

If not, I'm going to try for 295 max next week with a spot.
If I were you I would test my max next week and then start doing a 5x5 every 10 days or so with 75 - 80% of your max and add 5lbs every time through. Give it 4 or 5 months of steady progress and you'll be doing multiple sets and reps at 315. No need to confuse things and add incline / decline / flyes / etc. in my opininon. Just do some speed sets at 50% when you're done and call it a day. Pushups for some maintenance every few days which is probably a good idea if you are looking at USMC.
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