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had a great workout today. ill post the workouts and explain after

- RDL + Clean + box jumps- 185 LB- 3x8

- Goblet squats + reverse rotational lunge + box jumps- 125LB DB- 3x6

- Plyo Dive Bombers + Spiderman push-ups + box jumps- 3x10

used Glight's advice and did 10 box jumps in between each rep.

for the first set. i would do a shrug then a hang clean. that would be one rep.

for the second set, i would go a goblet squat, lunge to each leg. that would be one rep.

for the third, i would do a diebomber, then spidermans to both sides, that would be one rep.

i would recommend this workout to anyone, ended up being one of the best workouts ive had in a while.

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