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Originally Posted by NYC'z Mr.e46 View Post
Excellent work my dude, glad to see there's fanatics that are determine to get things done! This is a project that everyone here would I've said it won't work! Great job. What do you think of running a setup like this on pro efi
proefi would probably work. i went with megasquirt because my other cars run on megasquirt and i'm very familiar with it and how to set it up.

the auto trans is a love-hate thing for me.

i love that i don't have to shift it most of the time, and i can just be lazy and handle traffic fine. torque converter also DOES make it rather quick off the line without ****ing around with the clutch. plus 4th gear is pretty cool, no moving inside the trans in that gear (for the most part, 1:1 ratio). shifting under boost is also a rather interesting feeling.

the hate is that it makes the car slower and software i'm using on the transmission controller is rather primitive, and not really meant for a refined-feeling vehicle. there's bugs in it, but i've learned to work around them, or just switch it to manual and up/down shift on my own.

furthermore, i have no idea whether the trans is taking more or less abuse, it doesn't feel any different than when i started modifying it, still same speed shifts, etc.

for reference, the trans is a GM 5l40e, 3 shift solenoids, torque converter clutch and main pressure solenoid. 3rd shift solenoid controls whether the one way clutch is on or off in gears 1-4. there's input and output shaft speed sensors, i have the tooth counts around somewhere for determining rotational speed, slip, etc.
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