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Originally Posted by Optio View Post
Many of these structural issues on the E46 are a result of abusive driving and or modifications that change the engineering intent. Also, the road surfaces in the USA are in poor condition. BMW does offer a rough road package to prevent the strut tower issue. I have 100,000 miles on my E46 and my rear sub frame and strut towers are perfect. I have three other buddies with E46's with mega miles (120,000, 165,000 and 272,000) and no issues with the rear sub frame.

I have seen too many people who attempt to engineer a solution without the formal training, fack it up to high heaven. Just because I can put a band-aid on a wound....does not make me a doctor.
Well I have two BMW's and one had a ripped subframe.
My friend with an m3 has one now and trying to have BMW fix it.

I use my BMW mostly for racing and want to prevent any possible damage.

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