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Originally Posted by Optio View Post
Many of these structural issues on the E46 are a result of abusive driving and or modifications that change the engineering intent. Also, the road surfaces in the USA are in poor condition. BMW does offer a rough road package to prevent the strut tower issue. I have 100,000 miles on my E46 and my rear sub frame and strut towers are perfect. I have three other buddies with E46's with mega miles (120,000, 165,000 and 272,000) and no issues with the rear sub frame.

I have seen too many people who attempt to engineer a solution without the formal training, fack it up to high heaven. Just because I can put a band-aid on a wound....does not make me a doctor.

Say that to the engineers who designed the Porsche 924 back in 1978. I've got one-- ALL of the subframe attachment points are INTACT and flat strut towers... The car has seen many different states and OVER 7 YRS of tracking and AUTOCROSSING by myself along with millions of clutch drops etc on solid upper strut mounts, solid rear subframe mounts and monoball bearings on 600 pound springs up front and 800 rear along with many winters, road salt, poop, you name it!!!! ( not anymore, running 400 pound springs up front and took the coils out. just running koni's and torsion bars in the rear now.

It could just be that Porsche/VW know how to cost cut their cars without catastrophic longetivity issues.

Let's face it the advent of CAD design and cost cutting to increase profits hurt car companies and car longetivity; It is not just the engineer's fault; They don't over engineer vehicles like the used to in the old days because they are forced to cost cut.
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