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I was excited to check out an outdoor range today (first time since I moved to Austin) but it turned out to be a bit unnerving,

The range was divided into three shooting sections, with the last 2 being offset and having a firing point that was a couple hundred feet downrange from the first. (Issue #1, though it didn't bug me as much)

Not sure if this is common, but at every range I've been to, the firing line is even for everyone (you can move your target further downrange)...this way, no one is shooting behind you.

Another thing that bothered me was the 2nd and the 3rd sections were separated by what appeared to be wooden logs (these 2 were the designated handgun sections)

My group was shooting from different distances (7 and 15yrds), and at some point were all the way downrange at the 7yrd line while the guys in the next section were shooting. You could actually see their rounds landing in the dirt a few feet to the left of our class (not a good feeling).

To make this worse, these jackasses were firing rifles (sometimes in full auto) and shotguns (in a handgun range). I'm not calling them jackasses because they were firing rifles, they were generally being unsafe and goofing around

Green arrow is our group, red arrow is where the rounds were hitting the dirt....yellow arrow shows the wooden logs that served as a demarcation

Am I being overly paranoid? I also have a video which gives a better perspective. I also had to ask some guy to put his gun away as he was aiming and fiddling with it while we stood DIRECTLY behind the guys shooting in front of us

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