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Originally Posted by Ghostie View Post
Yeah, definitely a new experience for me, which was exacerbated by the the unsafe and irresponsible shooters around.....I calmed down a bit once they stopped rapid firing the rifles

What kind of logs are those? they will actually stop a rifle round from ~25 yards?
Most people who use wood to make divider berms at ranges use railroad ties, which are usually made of treated hard wood like oak. Considering that a railroad tie is 8.5" wide and 7" high, that's a decent amount of hard wood to be shooting through. Most are doubled-up, and then you add in dirt or sand filler, and you have the ability to stop pretty much anything. It all depends on the thickness of the barrier and the density, condition of the wood, etc.

However, no matter how much effort you put into range design, any and all safety features can be easily defeated by general stupidity. I wouldn't worry about the range design, but I would worry about the behavior of people shooting there. If you see that behavior again, find a range officer if you can. If it is an uncontrolled range, pack up your stuff and get off the range until they are done. If it's a gun club, notify club personnel.
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