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Originally Posted by BMW_Matt View Post
What did your diet look like? I may post my picture later.
Originally Posted by Darkside213 View Post
jesus chop, I'm kinda turned on. Post up your workout!
Originally Posted by BMW_Matt View Post
He must have his own farm. A chicken a day. Literally the whole chicken.
lol, well there's nothing really special about my diet or workout routines.

With my diet, I just try to keep it healthy and well balanced, nothing complicated. I know what macros I need to hit for the day, and I work my way around that, adjusting the cals for my goals; cut/bulk/maintain. I like to spread my meals out throughout the day, usually 5-6, especially if I'm cutting since I tend to get hungry.

Workouts, I prefer basic split routines hitting each muscle group hard once a week. I've always seen the best strength and growth from doing so, along with different shocking principles tossed it. However, that's just what I prefer. I do change my workouts every few weeks. Whether it's your typical old school body split, upper/lower days, full body, etc... I use them all. For example, before going away on my cruise, my routine looked like this... legs/chest/off/back/shoulders/arms & abs/off. Took the week of my cruise off completely, came back refreshed and have been doing a full body routine 3x a week since then.
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