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This thing is really pissing me off hey.
Ive installed a few apps, but really use the mp3 app the most.
I downloaded like 8 or 9 mp3 players, toyed with them for a few weeks and kept and bought 1 which I preferred.

But 1 damn thing which faulted on all of them and really it wasn't a software issue, its the damn dynavin, it doesn't store/save **** like my android phone.
Each time i load my app, i have to do all the freaking settings again, each time i load my mp3 player, i get the 1st time run dialogue boxes and then i keep getting asked to enter my serial for it after downloading the paid version.
So i even tried copying this program to the memory card, it wont, i was hoping it would save all the settings on that card, and nope, so i installed my sd card into my phone, downloaded the same app, installed it to the memory card, dynavin wont load the damn app.

Has anyone figured a way to save settings/preferences on apps we download off the market before i start pulling my hair out??

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