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Originally Posted by selien View Post
This thing is really pissing me off hey.
Ive installed a few apps, but really use the mp3 app the most.
I downloaded like 8 or 9 mp3 players, toyed with them for a few weeks and kept and bought 1 which I preferred.

But 1 damn thing which faulted on all of them and really it wasn't a software issue, its the damn dynavin, it doesn't store/save **** like my android phone.
Each time i load my app, i have to do all the freaking settings again, each time i load my mp3 player, i get the 1st time run dialogue boxes and then i keep getting asked to enter my serial for it after downloading the paid version.
So i even tried copying this program to the memory card, it wont, i was hoping it would save all the settings on that card, and nope, so i installed my sd card into my phone, downloaded the same app, installed it to the memory card, dynavin wont load the damn app.

Has anyone figured a way to save settings/preferences on apps we download off the market before i start pulling my hair out??
have u updated to the latest firmware?

Originally Posted by Le Pew View Post
I've read quite a bit but I am still not sure how to stream music using the bluetooth on the iphone4.

Any help would be greatly appreciated
go into bluethooth, pair with phone, and start your music on the phone and it will play in the car

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