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for your uniformed and unnecessary post there bub. Yes if you look at the right times you can get them for 100 even on ebay. I paid 100, plus 45 bucks shipping. Then I paid for the shipping to have them sent off for the ceramic coating which was a pretty penny in its self. So my total incurred expenses have been included because like I stated, I wouldnt have spent my money and time to do all this if I hadnt planned to install them myself but unplanned bills come up. If you're too ignorant to see the total cost involved with doing a set of headers properly and just look at the face value then move along, maybe BMWs arent the place for you. Stuff aint cheap.

Though someones not getting a steal of deal Ive removed all the headache attached to doing this mod, minus the install. No need to troll ebay, no need to spend money and TIME waiting on delivery, and then waiting on the coating.
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The difference being men don't make excuses to rationalize why it's okay. We do as we please. No fucks will be given. You ma'am, give a fuck.
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