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So I finally jailbroke my ipod touch and followed DANe46's Epic Dynavin iPod Touch setup

Good job DANe46 I did however use a different app for the music player. FlickTunes works great for shufflers, but if you're a playlist user it's not that great. For example, you can't go back to the playlist and select a different song like the default music player does, you'll have to keep swiping to get to the song you're looking for..

So here's what I used: (note: some text copy/pasted from DANe46's guide in the link above)

*Jail-broken iPod touch

This is a must and allows you install Cydia apps and tweaks to make this whole setup work

*Big Boss App (TVOut2 Mirror TVOut)
Mirrors your iPod screen on Dynavin screen while in AUX mode
This allows album/track name and cover art to be shown

*Apple AppStore or Installous (TuTuneMe music player)
Similar to FlickTunes, but better in a couple of ways
-customizable themes for Day/Night mode
-customizable fonts and colors
-customizable gesture controls
-re-sizable album art
-Easily change playlists just by swiping your finger on the playlist bar
-single tap on the playlist bar allows you to choose another song from the playlist

Gesture Settings I used:

Playlist bar
-Swipe left/right: Prev/Next playlist
-Single tap: Playlist songs

Album art/song info
-Swipe left/right: Prev/Next song
-Swipe up/down: Volume
-Single tap: Play/Pause
-Pinch: Resize album art

*HackStor (Plugged In 1.3 Cracked)

Plugged in Settings:
Launch App: On
App to launch: TuTuneMe
Launch in Background: Off
Unlock: On
Override Auto-Lock: On (disables auto lock when plugged in/charging, be sure to manually lock your ipod/iphone when charging at home)

Unplugged Settings:
Close Launched App: On
Lock Device: On
Pause Music: On

Optional Tweaks:

*Xsellize Repo (LSRotator 4.0)

Allows the lock screen to rotate to landscape format

*Sinful Iphone Repo (SBRotator4 Cracked)
Allows the Springboard, Settings, AppStore, Map, YouTube to be displayed in landscape format


iPad style layout 4x4 to 3x6 (16 icons max)
Icon scale 80%
Dock icon scale 100%
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