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Originally Posted by robin325ci View Post
So I finally jailbroke my ipod touch and followed DANe46's Epic Dynavin iPod Touch setup

Good job DANe46 I did however use a different app for the music player. FlickTunes works great for shufflers, but if you're a playlist user it's not that great. For example, you can't go back to the playlist and select a different song like the default music player does, you'll have to keep swiping to get to the song you're looking for..

So here's what I used: (note: some text copy/pasted from DANe46's guide in the link above)

*Jail-broken iPod touch

This is a must and allows you install Cydia apps and tweaks to make this whole setup work

*Big Boss App (TVOut2 Mirror TVOut)
Mirrors your iPod screen on Dynavin screen while in AUX mode
This allows album/track name and cover art to be shown

*Apple AppStore or Installous (TuTuneMe music player)
Similar to FlickTunes, but better in a couple of ways
-customizable themes for Day/Night mode
-customizable fonts and colors
-customizable gesture controls
-re-sizable album art
-Easily change playlists just by swiping your finger on the playlist bar
-single tap on the playlist bar allows you to choose another song from the playlist

Gesture Settings I used:

Playlist bar
-Swipe left/right: Prev/Next playlist
-Single tap: Playlist songs

Album art/song info
-Swipe left/right: Prev/Next song
-Swipe up/down: Volume
-Single tap: Play/Pause
-Pinch: Resize album art

Optional Tweaks:

*Xsellize Repo (LSRotator 4.0)

Allows the lock screen to rotate to landscape format

*Sinful Iphone Repo (SBRotator4 Cracked)
Allows the Springboard, Settings, AppStore, Map, to be displayed in landscape format


iPad style layout 4x4 to 3x6 (16 icons max)
Icon scale 80%
Dock icon scale 100%
Ok so I have been playing around with this new player and the new tweeks... It seems to have screwed up my ipod... now getting scattered icons and springboard redraw issues also TuTumeme is really hit or miss, sometimes crashing and needing a restart. Maybe its just my ipod; gonna' try a restore later today to see if that resolves the issues.

Question maybe you can help me; one of the main reasons I was using FlikTunes was its ability to pause resume playback. With TuTuneme every time I start the car I have to tap the screen to begin playback... cant seem to find an autoplay option in TuTuneme. Also this app is really slow; again maybe this is just on my device...

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